24K Gold - Men's Eau de Parfum 100ML

Ilana Jivago

24K Gold - Men's Eau de Parfum 100ML

Sophisticated and attractive, 24 karat gold is worn by those men who embrace the finer things in life.

Men's Eau de Parfum 3.4oz/100ml

Destined to create physical and spiritual joy, Ilana Jivago 24K Gold for Men is made from the finest aphrodisiac oils of attraction. This exquisite blend induces a spiritual mystique of healing, prayer and meditation. A top note of spicy Coriander gives way to a mysterious heart of East Indian Cardamom.

llana Jivago 24K Gold for Men contains genuine 24 karat gold as an essential element of the composition, imparting positive energy upon the wearer. This strong character scent is encased in a horseshoe-shaped bottle intended to project prosperity and luck upon the man who wears it.

Capacity: 3.4oz/ 100ml

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